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Mini Goat Yoga

Come join us, meet our animals, and book your getaway with Goat Yoga!

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Kid & Family Friendly

Mini Goat Yoga

We are a family owned and operated local farm here in Central Florida. We started Alaska Farms as a way to bring together our family and friends, which also includes all of our animals. As a family owned business we care for our animals personally to ensure they are not only lovable, but kid friendly as well!

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Safe environment

We are Home of the Orange County Sheriffs Department Mounted Patrol Units, so we want to ensure your safety during your time with us here at Alaska Farms.

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All Kinds Of Animals


We strive to make your experiences with our animals a memorable one, so we offer more services. Let us host your events, birthday parties, special life events and goat yoga getaways!! Alaska is the last frontier and we want to welcome you on our journey!

Please contact us directly to book any special events and birthdays with us!

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