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Karina Pasarell


I’am beginning my journey as a teacher ready to spread my love and knowledge of yoga. I have been practicing for years becoming physically stronger and growing spiritually and finding who I am through yoga. Yoga has always been so comforting to me, I can be true to myself. I always been an active person so it keeps the jitter bugs at bay for me. The most important aspect to me about yoga is the journey within. I believe all is connected between the mind body and spirit. Yoga has aligned all those things in my life and help me center myself and be a stronger spirit.

I completed my 200 hour YTT and continue working on my 300 hour YTT. I always practice and understand that there is always something to learn. I hope to spread joy through yoga and what better way than with cute little farm animals. Goat yoga is a fun way to engage new students. It’s a good escape from the real world to relax and have fun.

Camila Covarrubias


I’am Camila Covarrubias, a woman from Mexico City, raised in Miami, and living in Orlando.

I live in East Orlando near waterford lakes, which is where my yoga journey began seven years ago. What started as a weekly hobby quickly flourished into a passionate daily practice which I am honored to share with you. My goal is to help you connect deeply with yourself and others through yoga, and have fun while doing so.

I love spending time with my family, being outdoors, and traveling! If I’m not on my mat, you can catch me at a local park, farmer’s market, or the beach!

I currently teach at Cushy Yoga in Avalon Park, Park Life Studio in College Park, the Crest at Waterford Lakes, and Miracle Leaf in Winter Springs. Follow me on Instagram @cami_covarrubias to try my other classes!

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